Live Like Reality was first conceived in 2001 after one man thought "I like music, I listen to music, I should make some music." Even though this man had not studied music and didn't know how to play any instrument he was not deterred.

With a background in computers it seemed like they would be the tool of choice but the man was disappointed because the software available at the time did not fulfill his needs. Filled with gusto and computer savvy he undertook the task of developing his own software that would fuel the project from the ground up. The first track was born in 2001 although the software was still in its infancy. Much work was yet to be done. It took time, a lot of time.

The software progressed as did the musical compositions until one day in 2005 this man took a step back to look at what he had created and said "Yes, this is music I like, maybe other people will like it too..."

The software used to create the music of Live Like Reality should be available to the public mid 2006. If you're interested in getting a free trial version check the news section for further updates.
Dreams Are Eternal mp3
The Oblong Observer mp3
Pulse Extended mp3
Cast Me Free mp3
Proactive Jello mp3
Broken Memories mp3
My Hammer My Nail Slow Monkey Mix mp3
Poke In The Eye mp3
My Hammer My Nail mp3
Was Any Of It Real mp3